Boxer could still not learn the alphabets or the commandments and the birds couldnt either so i shortened it four legs good and two legs bad i put it above the seven commandments in bigger letter words. The animals would say four legs good two legs bad for hours and not get tired saying it. Napolean ones of the pigs took the interest in my committees he said that the education of the young ones was more important then the grown. He took away the puppies from their mother and said i would take responsibilty for there education. The problem of the milk was over the milk was mixed into the pigs mash everyday. The animals were fallen on the grass and then pigs would eat it without complaining. Squealer another pig went to talk to the comardes and told them we have to make the milk and apples dissappear even though if we do not like them. He cried to them and told them we do not want jones back and the pigs certain to did not want jones back so they ate as many apples as they can and ate the milk that was in their mash.