we could take no longer without being fed and remaining dirty so the rebellion has begin. one of the cows broke the door with his horns and all the animals ran in and started helping themselves to food.Next moment mr jones four men had whips in their had ready to give the animals a beaten. The animals couldnt take no more it was more then hunger for them the men found themselves being kicked and beaten from every direction. The situtation was out of control the animals has never behaved like this before but from all the beatens and waitings of them not being fed animals took out their anger.Sooner or later two of the men gave up and ran  out the farm as quick as they could. Mr jones acknowledged what was happening and flung out some possessions and left. We chased mr jones and his men staright on the road out the farm and slammed the gate behind them. The animals had noticed the rebellion came sooner then they thought and it was successful they had taken jones out and the farm was all theirs. All the animals were talking having a good time, throwing out things that reminding them of jones singing the beast of england seven times in a row. Then i set seven commandants on the wall for all the animals to see and acknowledge them , whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend , no animal shall wear clothes , no animal shall sleep in a bed , no animal shall drink alcohol , no animal shall kill any other animal , all animals are equal.