After the rebellion there was work to be done but as we said a human job is not for animals . But the animals didn’t have a choice they did the job even if they couldn’t but the animals were rewarded. The horses knew every inch of the field so they mowed and raked they even did a better job them Jones and his men. Us pigs didn’t do the work we just directed and supervised the other animals. All the animals were happy even though they had to work but the food was a positive pleasure for them so they didn’t care. The animals faced a little difficulties along the way like harvesting the corn they had to tread it out and blow away the chaff with their own breath since the farm didn’t have a threshing machine. Boxer helped them get threw it and everybody acknowledged him when Jones was at the farm he worked harder he was like three horses in one. All the hard work the animals put in i decided their was no work on Sundays we would have breakfast later then usual and after breakfast we would have a ceremony. 

First we would have the hoisting of the flag a flag that i found and painted on it a hoof and a horn in white. I explained to the animals that it represented the green fields of England and the horn and hoof signified the future of republic of the animals which arises the human race over thrown. I gave classes to the animals like egg production committee for the hens , clean tails league for the cows and wild comrades reeducation committee for rats and rabbits. Boxer who could not read or write joined a committee we tried to teach him the alphabet but he could not remember ABCD nor efgh cause then he forgot the first four letters so how could he remember the seven commandments.