Before we ran out jones the life in the farm was a struggle we was unfed,beaten.The animals and I were working on a plan to start a rebellion and the animals asked when will this rebellion come it might be a week or hundred years but it will be sooner or later justice will be done. As i said all men are enemies and all animals are comrades.I set a rule saying no animal must ever live in a house or sleep in a bed or wear clothes or drink alcohol. All of man habits were evil and animals should not do.Mr jones would get drunk everytime he had problems he was disheartened after losing money in a lawsuit and he had taken drinking more than was good for him. One day he went to willingdon and got so drunk that he didnt come back to midday on sunday. The men already had milked the cows and then they left rabbit hunting without feeding the animals. Jones had got back and just went to sleep and not on his bed on the drawing room sofa and then the evening had came and the animals still werent fed.